Vibratory Bar Sizer


The Mogensen Vibratory Bar Sizer is ideal for separating materials that are difficult to screen and are heavily contaminated when a grading range of 10 mm to 200 mm is required. In addition to the patented operating principle behind the Mogensen Bar Sizer, these sizers feature bars that are fixed on one side in a vibratory frame.


In the case of lightweight models, the Vibratory Bar Sizer is driven by 2 low-noise vibration motors. In the case of heavy models, it is instead driven by exciters. Regardless of machine weight, however, all models are a combination of vibratory machine and grading bars in a cascaded configuration, guaranteeing that material is effectively separated without any blinding and without getting jammed or caught even when there are bulky chunks of material; sticky materials; or cloth, wire, foil, etc. in the material.

Upon request, the Vibratory Bar Sizer can come with the option to adjust the distance between bars, and the grade accordingly, in a continuously variable manner, making its design even more compelling.


  • For materials that are difficult to screen and are heavily contaminated
  • Feed capacity of up to 1200 t/h
  • Blinding-free operation
  • Low-maintenance operation even when used for continuous operation
  • Cost-effective power/performance ratio
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Models with widths ranging from 1 m to 2.5 m


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